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This is a language learning podcast. Learn from and with an English learner. Here are explained the most effective ways to get you fluent in any language.
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Oct 29, 2016

E23 – record yourself to improve in your target language

Oct 18, 2016

learn languages with lyrics:

In this episode I talk about the application musixmatch

Oct 15, 2016

Never compare your language skills with other learners, instead, focus on your own language journey! Record yourself to improve your speaking skills.

if you want to help me out with my podcast, please contact me: I could use your voice for my fluent podcast! Thank you guys!

Oct 8, 2016

In episode 20, I interview Piotr from Poland and he gives us lots of valuable language related learning tips.  He is very experienced in transcribing from videos or mp3 files. Transcribing can boost your target language to the next level.


Oct 2, 2016

In this episode you are going to learn about one of my vocab learning methods


1. Pick wisely a source from where you want to learn vocabulary

2. Download the mp3 file

3. Enjoy and listen to the audio material

4. While listening or at the second listen -> Put bookmarks at the position you want to learn the vocab / the phrase

5. Relisten the bookmarked sections

6. Be engaged and look up for the definitions etc. / speak the words out loud

7. Relisten / Relearn after a certain time has passed --> that allows you to retain the vocab forever. --> it will stick better

For the complete show notes head over to

Sep 18, 2016

This is the second part of my vocabulary learning related series.

Have a listen to the great, very motivated English learner Vaclav from Russia. 


Sep 11, 2016

Listen to this vocab related episode, where other listeners tell us about their methods how to learn new vocab.


Sep 4, 2016

The interviews in order to improve my English go on. Big shout out goes to Kris Broholm who was willing to get interviewed by me, the English learner. 

He is a very wise language learner who gives away his tips and tricks. His mission: 10 languages in 10 years. He is proficient in English, Danish, German, and can understand and converse in limited fashion with Esperanto, Russian, and Hungarian.


Aug 30, 2016

How do you learn new vocabulary?

You can leave me a message on my website and tell me 1. your name 2. where you come from 3. which method you are using. You can use this link:


Aug 25, 2016

This episode is different from what you are used listening to. I am basically rambling. The goal was to see if I am able to just speak for a few minutes without stumbling over my own words. I also used the episode to mention some of my previously produced episodes. In my opinion, I am on track and I will continue with my language journey. Thank you very much for your support!


Join the language journey!



Aug 19, 2016

My interview series goes on. They are meant to help me becoming a better English speaker. At the same time you get to know about other language learners. A win-win situation.

In this episode, we get to know about a few projects started by Guillaume such as

1. Guillaume's English podcast



Guillaume is a French speaking guy who is currently learning Italian and English.

Head over to for the full show notes.


Aug 14, 2016

In episode 12 I continue with the topic" interviewing other people in your target language" in order to become more fluent.

I interviewed Chris from Canada, who is currently learning Russian.

I did the transcript of the answers as well. This enabled me to even learn more as the process of writing the interview down helped me to memorize good word chunks and vocabulary.

It made a lot of fun and I want to thank Chris for helping me out.


Aug 6, 2016

A new day, a new method to get you fluent in your target language! I decided to conduct several interviews with people from all over the world. The thing is that I conduct these interviews in my target language English. My interview partners will be native English speakers but also non–native speakers. In this episode, Chris, a language learner from Canada explains why podcasting in your target language is a good thing. 


My e-mail:

Jul 24, 2016

I decided to read out loud and record a chapter for libriVox. I hoped for a pronunciation and intonation boost.


Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0:

Jul 16, 2016

Sometimes, less is more - even when it comes to learn a language.

The idea came up to produce longer episodes in the future. After long consideration, I think it would be a far better idea to concentrate on the quality of the episodes rather than on the length and just leave it as it is. This way, I will learn more. You should do so as well!

Head over to


(Soundtrack by Tri-Tachyon -

Jul 9, 2016

I want to go into more detail on a matter I already mentioned in my previous episode E05- read out loud: the project called librivox.

I found that project such a great idea that I decided to dedicate this episode to librivox. Librivox donates its recordings to the public domain. They have for instance produced 20709 books in English, 500 in French, 1928 in German, 101 in Italian, 300 in Spanish, 419  in Chinese and the list goes on and on! Check it out!


Jul 2, 2016

Audio drama or in German Hörspiel will help you to become more fluent.

Enjoy and don't forget: stay focused!

Jun 26, 2016

In this episode I tell you about my language goal.

If you are an English learner, I recommend you to head over to to get the transcript of this episode. It's a fantastic way to improve your skills.

Unfortunatelly, I had to cut things out from this episode. For the complete unabridged episode head over to my website and download the mp3 file from there.

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.


Jun 19, 2016

In this episode I make a call to action! Read out loud to become a better speaker! Full show notes

This method  is no rocket science but very effective.

Jun 15, 2016

Olly Richards is a polyglot who answers different language related questions in his weekly podcast.

Definitely worthwhile to tune in to his show!

The abbreviation  is in fact IWTYAL 110 -  I did not mention it correctly in the episode. Go to the I will teach you a language podcast How to measure the learning progress

Jun 12, 2016

Be consistent even in your holidays

Jun 5, 2016

In this episode of my fluent podcast I explain what I did after I received all the corrections from episode 02. You need to learn from your previous mistakes. Therefore you must stick to them and learn from them.

On minute 04.09 you can listen to a reproduction of episode 02 Shall I learn through TV series or movies but this time without grammar mistakes and better pronunciation.

And the most important thing when learning a language: DON'T GIVE UP and KEEP GOING!

Daniel Goodson,

Music: Ketsa 09-Where the river run /

May 28, 2016

This week I tried something completely new, I hired a teacher online to proofread my last episode. I point out several mistakes I'v made so far by producing my fluent podcast and I explain why I should have called my podcast our fluent podcast instead of my fluent podcast.

The 3 crucial points of this episode are:

1. don't be afraid of making mistakes

2. be aware of making mistakes

3. learn from your mistakes

Join the language learning journey, now! The way is the goal! Go and visit my website:, I'm your language learning ninja Daniel Goodson:

music Ketsa:

May 22, 2016

Hello language enthusiasts, welcome back, I'm your host, Daniel Goodson, I'm an English learner and I want you to be part of my language journey. I share all my learning experience with you. The aim here is to become more fluent in any language.

My theme here on this episode is still learning through TV series and movies as it was on my 2 previous episodes. My focus is on the TV Series and I explain you how I process the learning. But learning through movies is very powerful as well. Have fun!

Daniel Goodson E-Mail:

My website:

May 16, 2016
Netflix can be used as a vast language learning source. There are plenty of series and movies, in which you can choose between different language audio and subtitles. Netflix can really help you boost your language skillls to the next level.
Thats why I've decided to dedicate this  episode to Netflix. The Audio Description will give you an additional boost.
I'm your host Daniel Goodson:
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