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This is a language learning podcast. Learn from and with an English learner. Here are explained the most effective ways to get you fluent in any language.
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May 28, 2016

This week I tried something completely new, I hired a teacher online to proofread my last episode. I point out several mistakes I'v made so far by producing my fluent podcast and I explain why I should have called my podcast our fluent podcast instead of my fluent podcast.

The 3 crucial points of this episode are:

1. don't be afraid of making mistakes

2. be aware of making mistakes

3. learn from your mistakes

Join the language learning journey, now! The way is the goal! Go and visit my website:, I'm your language learning ninja Daniel Goodson:

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May 22, 2016

Hello language enthusiasts, welcome back, I'm your host, Daniel Goodson, I'm an English learner and I want you to be part of my language journey. I share all my learning experience with you. The aim here is to become more fluent in any language.

My theme here on this episode is still learning through TV series and movies as it was on my 2 previous episodes. My focus is on the TV Series and I explain you how I process the learning. But learning through movies is very powerful as well. Have fun!

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May 16, 2016
Netflix can be used as a vast language learning source. There are plenty of series and movies, in which you can choose between different language audio and subtitles. Netflix can really help you boost your language skillls to the next level.
Thats why I've decided to dedicate this  episode to Netflix. The Audio Description will give you an additional boost.
I'm your host Daniel Goodson:
May 8, 2016


This episode is an introduction to a themed series. In fact, this is going to be the start of a themed series. This series is called Learning Through TV Series and Movies. Can you learn a language through movies? Will subtitles in movies  help you to learn a language? If so, how? In this series I want to answer this questions. I want to explain how I learn through movies and I give you tips and tricks how you can make the best out of subtitles. It is crucial to combine different learning methods.

I'm your host, Daniel Goodson: