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Aug 15, 2022

Urmi Hossain is a full-time female worker in the financial services industry.

She has been working in this industry for about six years and she comes from an educational background in Finance. She is currently pursuing her CFA designation.

In her free time, she volunteers for causes such as women's empowerment and giving back to the non-privileged.

She is a big proponent of self- investing and continuous learning. Indeed, one of her passions is learning languages

She is a side hustler. She has her own blog and Youtube Channel, and she has also written her first book, Discovering Your Identity: A Rebirth From Interracial Struggle, where she talks about her own struggle in finding her identity. She considers herself to be Italian- Bengali. 

Ambitious and Go-Getter are two words that describe her the most. Indeed, one of her big ambitious goals is to deliver a TED Talk 

Some fun facts: She is a polyglot. She can speak Italian, Bengali, English, and French fluently and Spanish at a more intermediate level.

Version with transcript: 

Time Stamps:

0:01 What does language learning mean to Urmi?

0:56 What language does Urmi think in?

1:23 Urmi dreams in Spanish

2:44 Be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

4:12 Italian

7:19 Urmi Hossain's YouTube Channel

10:10 Fear is the dearest friend of all

12:03 Public Speaking


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Urmi's blog: 

Urmi's Youtube Channel: 

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