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Jan 1, 2023

Personal storytelling can be used to improve language skills. Interview with Fabio Cerpelloni.

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  • On the previous episode 121, we learned from Lucia that we can learn through listening to other personal stories. "Everyone has a story to tell".
  • On this episode (122) it's all about telling your own stories in order to improve in your target language.  
  • Even though Fabio Cerpelloni's  personal language learning journey did not involve storytelling, he fell in love with telling stories from his own life and has even started to integrate it in his teachings. The book "Story Worthy" by Matthew Dicks inspired Fabio's podcast (Stolaroid Stories) and focus on personal storytelling. Best stories are about failure and can impact others. 
  • Fabio is currently writing a book about his personal journey of learning English and how to learn the language in an organic way. We hope that we can have him on My Fluent Podcast for a second round so that we can learn more about his inspiring journey. Thank you Fabio!

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Fabio Cerpelloni from Stolaroid Podcast on My Fluent Podcast

Topics / Time stamps

0:01 Introduction

1:32 Clip from Ep. 121 (Lucia Matuonto listened to more than 250 guest's stories)

2:55 Start 

4:52 Fabio's story in 60 seconds

7:56 Fabio did not use storytelling in his English journey

10:18 How to start learning through storytelling

14:10 Fabio's personal language journey did not involve storytelling

17:00 Toastmaster (Public speaking) (Urmi Hossain on Fabio's Podcast Ep. 41)

20:13 Home 

23:03 The book "Story Worthy" inspired Fabio to start a podcast (Stolaroidstories) and focus on telling personal stories. Fabio is writing a book about his personal journey of learning english and how to learn the language in an orccanic way.

28:19 Fabio deleted his own social media (instagram)

30:45 Book Club (Book Discussions - Fabio Cerpelloni)

36:43 Fabio's favorite expressions: "Alright" and "No worries"

39:48 Fabio's next challenge


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Fabio Cerpelloni on Inglespodcast

Fabio Cerpelloni | Facebook

Fabio encourages language learners to try the "3 2 1" game to practice storytelling and language skills

3 2 1 game by Matthew Dicks: The "3 2 1" game involves choosing three concrete nouns and telling a one minute story about one of them in two minutes