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My Fluent Podcast

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Feb 6, 2021

In this episode, we have an interview with the great Wafaa from Iraq.

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Learning together makes more fun! 

1:27 short intro by Daniel Goodson

2:10 Is it common that people from Iraq speak English or learn English?

3:44 How long have you been listening to Luke's English podcast?

5:20 Wafaa tells about the methods to learn English by having regular Skype meetings.

7:29 Is this group open for everyone or is it a closed group?

8:09 Does this group session need to be prepared beforehand?

10:29 When will Wafaa see her "virtual friends" from the Skype group?

11:43 What method did Wafaa help the most to improve in her English?

12:12 Program in USA  for Iraqi teachers

13:59 What goals in terms of English learning does Wafaa have?

15:29 One of Wafaa's top tips for learning a language

16:15 Shout out to Wafaa's Skype group

18:16 Teaser of episode 84 - Intervie with Alvaro from Spain How he overcame his stuttering


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