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Apr 17, 2017

Right now,  I am establishing a new recording method to get me fluent in English. I want to express myself in a better way. episode 31

Music by Ketsa. Song: in the mood

Daniel Goodson
six and a half years ago

To be honest I am not quite sure if somebody would listen to it. The process of producing the podcast takes its time.
Would somebody listen to me speaking in French or Spanish? I am not quite sure. As I have almost no subscribers of my website it's really difficult to guess the number of regular listeners of my English podcast.

The idea of producing in different languages would be great though. It's all a matter of time management. It's quite difficult to manage with the job I uave and other tasks in my life at this time.

My goal number one is still improving my English skills.
A co-host in another language would be also a possibility but let's see what the future brings! It's not easy to find a Co- podcaster.

Have a good one!

Clayton Davis
six and a half years ago

Do you plan to make podcasts to develop your other languages?