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May 1, 2022

Kenny is a multilingual online teacher on ITALKI. He is also a passionate language learner himself. 

In this interview, we talk about leaving our comfort zone in order to level up our language skills. How can we make introvert learners at ease so that they can speak up and improve their speaking skills? We talk about finding the right online teacher and we touch on language learning on Twitter (#Langtwt) More details in the time stamps further below.

YouTube Version: 


everyone is always simultaneously a student and a teacher -Jay Shetty

Time stamps: 

1:20  Are you more passionate about teaching or learning a language?

05:36 The moment when you feel like you know your students better than your friends

7:17 What is the most important when you are looking for an online teacher?

Feeling at ease with the teacher. (the role as a teacher)

9:45 How to reach out and go about it before having the very first online lesson?

11:20 Kenny's language journey (Greek)

13:37 Making connections in your language journey

14:11 Example -> aphasia (a = not, phasia = utterance, speak)  

16:52 The Speaking part of a language is often times neglected (Catalan)

19:48 Language tips for introverts (How to speak more often?)

24:04 What does the hashtag #langtwt on twitter mean? 

30:12 Language learning can be a safe environment for introverts

31:30 Sbgliando si impara  (While making mistakes, you can learn) 

34:05 Being a perfectionist / Perfectionism doesn't help you

36:53 Teaching style

38:07 Connecting with other introverts in language learning

40:28 Italian lesson didn't work out 

44:38 Avid podcast listeners can use their passion to learn languages

49:50 Producing your own language podcast

53:12 What is your favorite expression?  (touched by the mushroom)


54:35 END of Interview

54:36 Outro with Daniel Goodson

55:29 Trailer of next epsiode with Charlie who is learning Spanish in a very special way


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Trying to become a polyglot can give you language learning burnout


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