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Feb 20, 2021

Interview with Lena Livinsky.

Here is the video version with transcripts:


0:00 Teaser: excerpt from the interview. 

1:07 Introduction with Lena Livinsky - She first was afraid of sharing her voice and speaking up

2:12 Start Interview

2:55 Lena shares her thoughts what comes to her mind when she hears different "expressions/words" Daniel is saying to her. 

4:05 Excerpt of the Office (season 5, episode 12 The Duel)

4:30 Lena introduces herself

5:38 Lena's first struggle when it comes to learning English in the USA coming from Poland

8:09 One of Lena's top tips on how to reach fluency

9:30 What does "accent" mean to Lena?

14:50 How did Lena change her accent?

16:40 Did Lena manage to pick a Spanish accent, too?

18:11 When Lena is speaking in Polish, can people from Poland make out an American accent??

22:10 What is Lena's podcast the "Accented World Podcas" all about? 

23:55 Then it's not the typical language learning podcast, right? It's more to inspire people and to get new ideas and new perspectives?

27:23 So was there any person or maybe a podcast which inspired Lena to start out with her podcast?

29:24 What could Lena learn from their guest? Is there any particular story which stuck with her in particular?

31:34 What is a speech language pathologist?

34:41 What is an accent coach?

36:48 Lena's accent course launched in January 2021

38:13 Who can participate in the course? For whom is the course?

39:55 How does a free accent coauch consultatoin looks like?

41:05 Which accent error patterns did Lena spot from Daniel's speech from this interview?

41:50 Where can we find Lena's content? How can we get in touch with Lena to improve our accents (or our speech)? 

42:43 End of the Iinterview

42:44 Outro with music from Scott Holmes (Upbeat Party)


Lena Livinsky on my fluent podcast


Lena's Instagram account

Lena Livinsky (@lena.livinsky) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos

Home - Lena Livinsky

Mini Guide For Speaking English With Clarity and confidence:

A Mini Guide to Accent Modification - Lena Livinsky

(10) Lena Livinsky | Facebook

Vocabulary / expressions from this episode to tackle on 

6:42: on top of that

7:27 it was a blessing in disguise

7:52 I was enrolled in English as second language program

9:12 "Majority of my day" 

I spend the majority of my time working.


11:46 A vernacular, or vernacular language, is the speech variety a term generally used to refer to a local language or dialect, as distinct from what is seen as a standard language. The vernacular is contrasted with higher-prestige forms of language, such as national, literary, liturgical or scientific idiom, or a lingua franca, used to facilitate communication across a large area.

23:05 I wanted to showcase that

23:21 some things that people strive towards is, you know, being a doctor, which is beautiful or a lawyer, there's so many amazing opportunities out there.

32:31 The umbrella is very wide, so that's what a speech pathologist is.

33:43 we'll have like a G tube, a tube for eating, and then we work to try and wean them off that tube and getting them to eat by mouth

32:54 aversions to eating,

35:59 You work on the prosody, so like the melody of the language and learning all these aspects

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