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Mar 12, 2022

John Stedman speaks 10 languages.  Listen to this interview based episode of My Fluent Podcast. John, the author of the book (which is titled "The Language Secret") spent many years as a linguist in Africa and frequently met people who spoke up to ten languages. Some of them could not even read. All of them had stumbled upon The Language Secret. The Language Secret is the name of the book, that came out in 2021.

I had a blast reading the book. I had a blast interviewing John as well. 

John was so kind and gave more background information about his journey to the Ivory Coast and to Congo in a very interesting interview. On top of that, he shared some useful learning tips with us.

Now living in Germany, John specialises in teaching accelerated language-learning techniques. We wish him all the best and are eagerly awaiting the next two books. 

Video version of this episode: 

(The video comes with English subtitles, and there is a vocabulary list on a google document: )

The Language Secret - by John Stedman

The Language Secret - Our Book: The Language Secret 


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