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Apr 22, 2022

My Fluent Podcast interviewed by Stephen Devincenzi SEND7

Stephen Devincenzi, founder and host of SEND7 interviews Daniel Godson!

Topics are: Swiss language, Swiss food, Swiss military, Argentina and more...

YouTube Version:

Transcript version to read along while listenig: 

Time Stamps:

0:00:01 Why is Stephen interviewing Daniel?

0:00:45 The bad, bad Swiss citizen

0:04:44 Weird Swiss dialect

0:06:16 The official languages of Switzerland.

0:07:59 Do Italian speakers understand Romansh?

0:08:14 Do Romansh speakers speak another Swiss language?

0:09:33 The difference between Swiss German and Standard German

0:10:20 Is Swiss German a language or just a dialect?

0:11:40 Where does Daniel live nowadays?

11:52 Did Daniel's dialect become more understandable over time? (THE TRAITOR)

13:42 Can you have a conversation in French? (Communication first)

14:46 Languages that Swiss people learn in School

15:22 Are most people successful in learning a second Swiss language?

16:25 The language situatoin in Basel

18:16 How do Swiss people speak to each other?

19:48 Swiss neutrality and the Pope guarded by Swiss guards

24:58 Direct democracy in Switzerland / Referendum

31:35 Is it true that on Sundays by law, you can't make a lot of 

33:12 What is the typical Swiss dish?

38:28 Argentina 

40:40 Do you like mate tea? Did the COVID situation have an effect on the mate culture?

44:47 Daniel and Maradona

46:29 Do you travel much into the other countries? Have you traveled much around Europe?

48:15 Tuscany and Barcelona

50:26 My Fluent Podcast

52:42 The future of SEND7 

57:38 The Vocab Man Podcast

1:01:26 Stephen's passion about the news

1:02:24 Outro - Simple English News Daily podcasts overpassed 1 million downloads! 

1:02:38 Interview with Stephen (Luke Thompson from Luke's English Podcast)

Simple English News Daily | SEND7 podcast: 

listen to SEND 7

Is The News good for learning English? (From LEP#766):

Stephen was features on Luke's English Podcast in April 2022. Take a listen here:  

92 - How to learn English with a News Podcast - Simple English News Daily: This is the interview I conducted back in 2021 with Stephen.  

Some remarkable  Swiss referendums that came to mind after recording:

Exemplary Swiss work ethics:

In March 2012 Swiss people voted against extra holidays. The idea was to go from 4 to 6 weeks paid holiday a year. (Swiss people really must love working!)

Monthly income of 2,500 Swiss francs for every adult? No thanks!

Swiss people have rejected a proposal in June 2016 to introduce a guaranteed basic income for all. Suggested was a monthly income of SFr2,500 ($2,555) for adults and SFr625 for each child.

77% opposed the plan

only 23% backed it.