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Jun 18, 2022

Enrique from Spain talks about his experience when he attended several live English lessons on Teacher Zdenek's YouTube Channel. What did he like about it? What was difficult? What did he learn?

We touched on several other topics such as

  • Enrique's English journey
  • Perfectionism in language learning. 
  • Podcasts for language learning
  • Reading books to improve your language skills
  • Attending a movie club

YouTube version: 

On ep. 113 we talked about the teacher's perspective when giving a Live English Lesson. Go back and listen to Zdenek's interview first to make the most out of it.

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Live English Lesson

Live English Lesson N°17 with Enrique - 20 October 2021 - Dogme method 

Live English Lesson N°27 with Enrique 29/12/2021 || Conversation || Feedback || Dogme: 

Live Lesson with Zdenek

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