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Jul 16, 2022

English learner Asyraaf from Malaysia tells his language learning story and how he managed conducting more than 100 interviews on his podcast called Content Marketing Hacks. Making the podcast helped him tremendously to become a better English speaker. 

YouTube version

Time stamps:

4:39 Hone your English through Podcasting

7:05 Communication problems (Just roll with it!)

7:27 Getting better after every interview

08:19 Arabic, Polish, English and Malay

8:58 Serious English learning

10:06 The challenge of speaking in English

11:10 Talk to yourself / record a podcast to improve in your target language

14:03 Perfectionism in language learning

14:25 Public speaking

16:10 Future goals

17:57 English learning challenges (using the same words)

21:50 Where can we find Asyraaf

Asyraaf form Malaysisa