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My Fluent Podcast

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Oct 15, 2022

lets get fluent by getting rid of our disfluencies first

We are joined by the experienced English teacher and Spanish learner Craig Wealand. He is the host of the Inglespodcast and he knows his onions! (Inglespodcast – Los audio podcasts de La Mansión del Inglés

We talk about disfluencies:

  • What are disfluencies?
  • What are cruch words?
  • How to reduce disfluencies?
  • Why do we make disfluencies (crutch words etc.) while speaking?
  • How can we become fluent speakers?
  • Craig has been helping the English community for more than 10 years! ( &
  • How podcasting (or just recording yourself) helps you to become fluent in your target language. 

YouTube version of this episode (Craig's version of this episode, with different intro and outro)

inglespodcast - YouTube 

Time stamps:

00:00 - Intro

01:06 - What is "My Fluent Podcast"?

3:09 - Listen to Podcasts to hone your language skills

5:37 - Oxymoron

06:05 - Podcasting as a language learning tool - Where to begin?

7:26 - The Vocab Man (A podcast about practical English Expressions)

9:46 - How long has Craig been podcasting?

11:00 - Did Craig's prediction from about 8 years ago come true?

12:44 - Receiving Feedback from listeners

13:33 - Aprendeingles Podcast

14:33 - How to learn from Podcast interviews?

15:38 - What are evergreen podcast episodes?

17:10 - What are disfluencies? (Daniel's view)

18:20 - What are crutch words?

18:57 - What is the definition of disfluencies?

20:00 - Some examples of crutch words

20:14 - Every language is using diffent crutch words

20:56 - Why it is not wise to edit out every crutch words (ums, ahms)

22.15 - What are some other disfluencies apart from crutch words?

22:57 - Not noticing crutch words while speaking / listening

24:12 - What are the negatives of disfluencies? (Crutch words can distract you)

26:06 - Excerpt of Aprendeingles Podcast


26:35 - Be aware of your disfluencies (first step to overcome them)

27:54 - Don't be afraid of silences

27:59 - Practical expressions (buy yourself time)

29:31 - Use technology to improve your fluency

30:40 - Descript (Video/Podcast editing software)

29:00 - Work on your proununciation

31:55 - Interview Keanu Reeves

32:32 - Using too many crutch words

35:07 - Text to speech apps (Siri, Google Assistantl, Alexa) to overcome crutch words

37:03 - Why stress will affect your fluency

39:09 - Did Craig never felt comfortable at public speaking

40:53 - Communicatoin can be difficult even for native speakers (bear this in mind)

42:10 - Start out with your own podcast and become fluent!

42:53 - Outro

43:24 - Blubbers and other mentions

Interview with Luke Thompson:

E28 – interview with Luke Thompson / Luke's English podcast - my fluent podcast / 

I can’t put my finger on it: (The Vocab Man) 

Video Clip : 

Music: Scott Holmes - Upbeat Party 

Scott Holmes Music - Free Music Archive