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May 17, 2023

How Max From Argentina Overcame His Struggles and Became an English Teacher 🇦🇷

Feeling stuck in your language learning journey? Don't worry and never give up! In this episode, we share Max's language learning story and how he became an English teacher, despite struggling at first. 

Table of Contents:

  • Bumpy start (0:00)
  • Paralyzing fear of speaking English (4:09)
  • The time after Max dropped out of school (6:04)
  • Speaking practice came later (8:05)
  • Learning English as an introvert (10:30)
  • Tips and tricks for introverted learners (13:00)
  • Couch Surfing to learn a language (16:54)
  • English teacher, private tutor, YouTuber, Video creator(18:33)
  • What to expect on Max's YouTube channel (23:07)
  • Favorite expressions: Off The Top Of My Head / To Do Justice


  • Mate 🧉: Mate is a South American herbal beverage with a bitter taste, known for its stimulating properties and social tradition.
  • To plug sth.: to promote or advertise sth., often in a self-promotional manner. 
    • if you will allow me to plug my YouTube channel. It is called I'm Max and I will teach you English
  • To leave your​/​a mark (on): to make a lasting impact or impression on something or someone.
    • I want them to experience the world fully  in English and leave their mark in it.
  • Vanity metrics: vanity metrics refer to superficial or meaningless statistics that may appear impressive but hold little actual value or impact.
    • Daniel: And where do you see your YouTube channel in five year? Max: Well, I mean, hopefully a lot bigger and with a lot more subscribers and really, I don't care about the numbers really. Those are vanity metrics.
  • Wishy-washy: feeble or insipid in quality or character.

  • Key Take-Aways:

    • Don't compare yourself with others in the sense that you are beating yourself up. Instead, focus on your targets and compare to your younger self. 
    • Having a clear goal in mind can help you become the person you want to be.
    • Reviewing and consolidating knowledge is crucial to establish a solid foundation for future progress. 
    • Don't be too focused or obsessed with the idea of becoming fluent. 

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