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Aug 17, 2023

Martin Johnston loves to teach English through personal stories (storytelling) and through non conventional methods. It's great to learn from him and his podcast. He really knows a thing or two about learning (teaching) a language, especially British English. 

His "unfiltered" podcast (Rock N'Roll English, first episode aired in 2016) with real life stories is there to improve our English. 

In this interview, we learn more about Martin's language story, how he ended up in Italy and went back to the UK and how his podcast came to be. It's inspiring and educational at the same time. A shout-out to Martin Johnston!

"You don't have to be great to start, but if you want to be great, you have to start."

Time stamps:

04:02 Who is Martin Johnston?

09:24 Italian vs Regional Dialects (e.g. Sicilian Dialects)

12:26 The Origin Story of Rock N'Roll English

15:12 The First Episode 

24:47 Rock N'Roll Vocabulary Bible

28:25 The Importance of Listening 

39:01 Introducing the Jungle Listening Course

40:11 Module 1: Learning New Movements (the 44 Sounds of English)

43:30 Module 2: Learning to Differentiate Between Smilar Sounds

44:46 End of Module 2 / Modul 3: Transcribing Practice 

46:47 Module 4:  Connected Speech and Word Changes

54:55 Rock N'Roll Family

59:08 Making a Living Out of Podcasting is Hard work!

01:03:33 Preparation 

01:10:03 Favorite Word

Martin Johnston in Interview On My Fluent Podcast


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