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My Fluent Podcast

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Nov 29, 2021

Doug Sands on My Fluent Podcast - leanr languages with hypnosis

Hypnosis on My Fluent Podcast


You'll find more show notes here.

Video version of this episode: Video Version of Ep. 99 of My Fluent Podcast

Vocabulary to focus on in in this episode: 

01:06 hypnotist: person who uses hypnosis as a form of treatment, or sometimes entertainment: I went to a hypnotist to try to give up smoking.

02:17 God hypnos: God of sleep

02:54 to have a minor in...

Nov 19, 2021

Omar from Ecuador tells us about his English journey and his experience in being a host and member of the Facebook Group Masters of English (MAOFEN). 

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Instagram: knowawa_english 

Omar Llamba – Medium 

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