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Jan 15, 2021

Let me introduce the BRAVE 85 series, in which we interiview people from all over the world. 

Interview excerpts:

02:25 Nastya from Russia - Stephen Krashen - Language acquisition

04:48 Wafaa from Irak - Learn English with a Skype-group

07:11 Alvaro from Spain - How he overcame his stuttering (ep. 84)

09:02 Hamid from Pakistan - English teacher shares his wisdom (Ep. 83)

11:01 The Ricky Sendy show - Ricardo from Spain (Brazil)

16:28 Outro - Thank you

17:01 Call to action:

If you have a story to tell (somehow related to languages) drop me a message at 


We've already covered the method to interview people to become a better speaker on episode 11 "Get fluent by interviewing other people". Check it out! 

It can boost your self-esteem :)  You can believe me on that! 

Listen to the other 85 LEPsters, from the WISBOLEP copetition, the BRAVE 85 , with sumptuous video footage of the UK and other locations [YouTube]

681. New Competition: Why I Should Be On LEP (WISBOLEP)

The Ricky Sendy show - full interview with Luke Thompson:

Thank you for listening! 

The language journey goes on!