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My Fluent Podcast

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Feb 12, 2021

In this episode, we had a fantastic interview with Leo from Italy. 

The BRAVE 85 series goes on :)

Time stamps:

4:12 What is your English learning goal? 

5:46 What does it mean to you to be fluent?

8:10 Why did you chose an imput based method to learn the language?

10:19 Why did you participate in the WISBOLEP competition?

14:03 Is it a good method to record yourself if you are a beginner?

15:46 Do you ever wanted to start out your own language learning podcast?

19:31 Stephen Krashen

21:09 How can you remember vocabulary by just reading to a lot of content?

23:28 And how about you? What do you prefer or do you do both methods equally (intensive and extensive listening)?

24:25 Do you use transcripts to learn from podcasts? How do you learn from podcasts?

25:44 By any chance, do you have any recommendations when it comes to reading a book

29:04 Do you know about the internet page called 

30:25 Learning German

36:30 What kind of movies do you like to watch? Leo asks Daniel

38:32 About accents

41:57 End of the interview

42:03 Excerpt form Luke's English Podcast episode 703.

42:49 Outro: Special thank goes to Luke Thompson 

43:19 Teaser/preview of BRAVE 85 episodes (spoken by Luke Thompson)

703. Walaa from Syria – WISBOLEP Competition Winner 

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