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Feb 26, 2021

Interview with Rachel Smets - Clarity Coach and language learner/teacher. Her main passion is living abroad. 

Here is the video version with the English transcript/subtitles:


0:26 Intro with Daniel

2:38 Start Interview - Who is Rachel Smets?

6:39 Why Rachel doesn't have a podcast

7:19 What is a Clarity Coach? 

8:30 How can we imagine a "Clarity Coach Session"?

11:50 Is English really Rachel's first language? 

13:00 Which languages has Rachel taught? 

13:33 What does learning a language mean for Rachel?

14:28 What topics did Rachel cover in her lessons?

15:45 Conversation classes...

16:30 Which languages is Rachel fluent in?

16:55 TEDx Talk: Don't compare yourself. "stop comparing". Be the best of you,

18:54 Luck is a loser's word!

21:51 Teaser/advertisement: The Vocab Man Podcast: 

#40 - Don't take no for an answer - I won't take no for an answer | The Vocab Man - Fluent Vocabulary | Spreaker

22:42 Rachel Smets is the Author of the book "Awaken Your Confidence"

29:49: Do you remember the very first interview you conducted for your book? Were you nervous?

31:48 Learning languages abroad...

32:55 The biggest obstacles when it comes to learn languages

34:18 Language learning tips 

36:40 Rachel doesn't use learning apps

38:25 Outro / Where can we find Rachel Smets online?


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GARY VEE. LUCK is a LOSER word. 

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