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May 31, 2021

Masters of English (Maofen)

(I recommend to watch the interview on YouTube)

After our first interview back in October 2020 with Gabriel, we want to know what has happened in the meantime on Masters of English (MAOFEN). 

-- Check out the first interview:

MAOFEN is a group made off learners,.They are trying to help other learners. This is not a group of teachers or native English speakers trying to tell you what you need to study. It's just the learners and they focus on topics that they want to share or discuss together. Something they have learned or something they have found out and they share it. What can be more collaborative than that?!?!?!

Up to minute 38:48 the focus is on the MAOFEN group.

From 38:48 on, we tackle Gabriel's language learning.


Time Stamps:

00:59 Did the members of the MAOFEN become family?

03:15 The "Rollercoaster" - About kicking out members and changing that approach thanks to Stephen Krashen and "his" input based learning.

05:48 Why do inactive members of the facebook group not participate in any activities?

07:37 Why having hosts is crucial for the project.

09:06 What the MAOFEN group is all about.

09:48 Hosts can learn from leading the Zoom sessions as well and grow as a person.

10:54 The Facebook Group is increasing drastically (Today more than 500 members)

11:47 "Mother Theresa" - The real goal for the MAOFEN as a collaborative project.

13:30 Daniel's tips on how MAOFEN could grow / reach more potential members

15:16 Why Gabriel stopped giving lessons to MAOFEN members. Why he doesn’t think it is a good idea to rely too much on a teacher.

17:22 The Ripple Effect - How Christian Saunders from Canguro English struck a chord with Gabriel and more

21:17 MAOFEN’s birthday / MAOFEN Magazine

23:52 Book club (Accoubtability reader's group) A side project lead by a MAOFEN member

26:25 "50 words" challenge

27:00 "Chain reaction" - an activity which means interviewing other members

30:30 About the Zoom meetings (is actually the core activities of the group)

36:45 Where can we find the MAOFEN group?


38:48 Start Gabriel's language learning (Filipino/Arabic)

40:22 The language ressources Gabriel uses. (SoundCloud/LingQ/BeelinguaApp/DeepL)

42:35 Why is Gabriel learning Arabic?

44:16 About forgetting the words in your mother tongue.

46:12 Becoming an interpreter

50:58 Will AI translation services make the profession of Interpreters disappear?

53:52 Outro / special thanks goes to Gabriel

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Text from Facebook page: Hi, everyone! This is MAOFEN! We want to create a familiar and friendly environment where we can help each other and offer opportunities to use the English language FOR FREE. Everyone in this group is equal and, even though there are some teachers, much of the work carried out here is done by learners. We have Zoom meetings daily (once you are inside you can check out our schedule) where we talk about many different topics. Join our meetings as soon as you can, even if you feel you can't talk yet. Just listen to other people, there is no pressure. You will talk when you feel ready, don't worry. Also, you don't have to put your camera on, it is not necessary. Come inside and see for yourself. Take some time to get to know the group and see if MAOFEN is right for you. MAOFEN is a place to communicate, a place to grow, a place to help others and, finally, a place to be and feel at home. See you inside! Remember to answer our questions, please!




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