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Jan 1, 2021

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English teacher and lifelong learner Hamid shares with us what he had been learning during the last two decades when it comes to learning a new language.

How should we learn a language? It's quite simple.

Learn like a child! 

In episode 83 of my fluent podcast, Hamid shares his tips and tricks in a spectacular way. Gripping. Simple. Understandable. 

Let us all turn our Ego into an Egg! 



For the first week, Hamid doesn't teach his students English. Instead, he gives them general lectures about language learning - how to learn a language. 


Which group is more successful when it comes to learning a language? 

A. Language acquisition of the first language by children or

B. Language acquisition of the second language by adults? 


The child starts listening first and then speaking - if you want to learn a language successfully, you should learn a language like a child. Listen and speak first.


Vocabulary is more important than grammar. But nevertheless, learn grammar at tha same time. 

In the child's case, fluency comes first and then accuracy.


What could be an effective way to learn vocabulary?


The child plays, enjoys and learns!

The best teacher you can have is yourself. Do anything you like. Read, listen etc. do whatever you want.

Learn like a child.


The child is the better learner but still makes mistakes! 

We learn by making mistakes.

Don't be afraid of making mistakes!


The child has no EGO issues.

Turn your EGO into an EGG and break it! 


E comes before D! Remember that!


Learn English in English!


The child is playing and is in an ideal envirnonment and still needs about 10 years to command his language.

Is the child a bad learner?

10 years = 20 semesters.

Hamid recommends: