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May 21, 2022

Learning languages through Social Media

In this episode, Tchales from Brazil and Daniel from Switzerland are going to share 4 steps on how to make the best out of Social Media in order to level up one's target language skills.

We will break it down in these 4 topics

  1.  Defining a goal
  2.  What social media plattform to choose?
  3.  What should I know before using social media?
  4. Strategies to use social media


Time Stamps / Topics

2:03 STEP 1: Defining a goal

2:57 Daniel: Short-term and long-term goals

5:12 Tchales first goal (when he started out with his English journey)

6:53 Daniel's first goal was to pass the exams

8:11 Don't avoid having conversations

8:49 STEP 2: What social media plattform to choose?

9:16 YouTube / Discord

11:23 Film Club / Movie Club

13:39 Instagram

14:14 The Power of Facebook Groups

14:59 The Chat Box (Facebook Group)

16:48 Some ideas to use Instagram

20:15 STEP 3: What should I know before using social media?

20:38 Set up a meaningful bio 

24:52 Use your target language in your social media

25:47 Let others correct your posts

28:07 STEP 4: Strategies to use social media

28:13 Making vocabulary based comments on YouTube with a time stamp.

32:32 Align your goal with the strategy

35:15 Create posts / Start recording videos

35:49 Medium to improve your writing skills

39:05 Calendly to organize your calls

40:58 Join Communities / Challenges

45:35 My Fluent Podcast community.

46:06 Outro

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