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Jan 22, 2021

A great interview with Ricardo from Spain (he originally came from Brazil). 

Ricardo made a fake interview with Luke Thompson, the host of Luke's English podcast. Therefore, Ricardo used various audio clips from Luke's English podcast episodes and rearranged them and recorded some questions. 

This is a fantastic quite unique approach to learn English! Kudos to Ricardo!

Thank you Ricardo for making us laugh! :) 

Here is the full fake interview with Luke Thompson:

Ricardos top English native speaker podcast. 

Year in Review -Top Stories and Headlines from the Running World in 2020


IELTS Energy 981: Don’t Be a Worry Wart with Personality Slang 

15 IELTS Slang Words to Describe Personality | All Ears English

Ricardo has made a reference to one of my previous guests, Tchales from Brazil, from ep. 82. 

82 - Stories of Language learners - Tchales from Brazil.