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Aug 26, 2023

Cara Leopold is the creator of the Leo Listening Movie Club where she helps film-loving English learners understand and discuss movies together so they can master conversational English.

From September 13th-20th Cara is organising the Back-to-School Movie Challenge, a 1-week taste of what it's like to be in a movie club. By watching and discussing school-themed movies together, you’ll learn new vocabulary, catch fast-spoken English and practice your speaking and writing skills with other movie-loving English learners. The challenge includes access to a discussion forum as well as a live Zoom session at the end to chat with me and other film lovers about the movie clips.

Cara's challenge:

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Spotify Playlist (Cara Leopold Interviews)

Leo Listening Youtube Channel

TV Show I Hate

Time stamps

0:00:02 Introduction and passion for interviewing

0:06:48 Learning French through Observation and Listening

 0:08:54 Lack of focus on listening skills in education

 0:11:02 Contrasting traditional language learning methods with contextual learning

 0:19:08 Misconceptions about TED Talks and Transcripts

 0:25:42 Overcoming Cultural References in Movies

 0:28:23 The Importance of Movie Analysis and Resources

 0:38:48 Challenges of Sound Mixing in Cinema and Home Entertainment

0:41:47 Translating Subtitles and Cultural References

 0:44:55 American Actors Tackling South African Accents

0:46:11 Frustration with movie accents and Leo Listening's mission 0:47:52 Where to Find Cara's Online Presence


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