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Jun 19, 2016

In this episode I make a call to action! Read out loud to become a better speaker! Full show notes

This method  is no rocket science but very effective.

over eight years ago

Hi Dandiprat,
Let's have a look at the episode named Daniel Goodson takes a break in Italy. I did not consider that as a serious episode and therefore, I did not number that one. I did some more unnumbered episodes at the very beginning, which was the product of being unorganised. Or let's say I had too many ideas in my mind. Now, I have to admit I should have numbered all of my episodes.
Yeah let's take French for example: A colleague at the office speaks French and I try to only speak in French to her. Even if I am unsure about the right pronunciation etc. That allows me to slowly but steadily improving on that language. Besides that, I have other methods. But the main problem is lack of time. I learn a lot in a passive way by listening to podcasts in different languages. More and more, I'm trying to study in a more active way because it is way more effective.
Thank you very much for your comment Dandiprat!

over eight years ago

Dear Daniel,
Why do you say in this podcast that this is episode 5? I count many more episodes than this. Why are some episodes numbered and others not?
I'm envious of your language ability. I wish I could do a podcast in a foreign language, but it would take a tremendous amount of effort. I keep practicing listening, but progress is very slow.
I think you mentioned earlier that you study other languages besides English. How do you go about studying them?