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May 14, 2022


Charlie's Spanish Journey - Chrarlie from the USA on My Fluent Podcast

It's never too late to better yourself!

Dyslexic Spanish learner Charlie from the USA (Texas) keeps track of his Spanish journey in form of a YouTube channel.

In this podcast interview, we talk about various methods on how charlie became fluent in Spanish (Italki online lessons, Omegle, VR Chat, Duolingo and more).

Charlie is a super learner and I appreciated the time with him. I could learn a lot and you might as well. If you are into Spanish learning or if you need some inspiration for your language journey, this interview will be something for you.


YouTube Version: 



Transcript version:


πŸ•’πŸ•’πŸ•’Time stampts:

1:01 Intro

1:40 Start Interview

2:22 What inspired you to learn Spanish in 2019?

2:55 Growing up with dyslexic without knowing

4:02 Dyslexic in more detail

4:57 Finding out about being dyslexic 

6:17  Over 250 one-on-one online lessons

9:36 Inspiring other Spanish learners

10:40 YouTube channels that inspired Charlie

12:50 Shadowing / Copycatting

Simple Stories in Spanish.

15:24Doing the shadowing technique (example)

16:50 VR chat (Virtual reality chat)

21:58 Fortnite

27:35 Almost having a 800 day streak (Duolingo)

34:25 Omegle

49:06 It's never too late to better yourself - Charlie's favorite expression

56:34 Where to find Charlie's Spanish journey?

Charlie's Spanish Journey

Small Town Spanish Teacher 

Small Town Spanish Teacher - YouTube 

Simple Stories in Spanish: The Podcast:

Simple Stories in Spanish: The Podcast

What is dyslexia?