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Feb 18, 2017

Daniel Goodson
seven and a half years ago

Thank you Kamila for your comment.

That is a good idea to speak in French for a very short period of time in one of my upcoming episodes. But then I have to practice more first :)
I would appreciate hearing more about how you could improve your English and your methods.

See you soon.

seven and a half years ago

Wow you learned French unexpectedly in Finland. That sounds fun. I hope to hear you speaking in French in one of your next episodes.

I had a kind of a similar situation with my English (I'm not a native speaker). A year ago, I wasn't so good at English. The idea that I had to speak in English with someone made me nervous. But when I got some friends from abroad (whom I met during festivals or parties) I noticed that it wasn't even a problem when if I made mistakes. The most important thing was indeed that I had a good time with them and that we could communicate with each other.